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In astrology, we call Saturn the Lord of Karma and whatever motion in your chart that Saturn is doing, relates back to an underlying maturation of you as a human and in your recognition of your true path and identity in life. These cycles of maturation challenges our relationships and from this comes the 7-year itch concept reflecting Saturn transit back to itself.

Join me for a journey through the cycles of Saturn. Human Soul is integrated by the three active incarnations. The Energy that makes three lives active is represented by the specific Dragon. Discovering and activating our own Dragon is therefore way to discover and awake our complete Soul that contains our true Higher Self.

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Venus is in charge for our love life, how easy we attract things, for our sexuality and sensuality, pleasure and joy of life. On this lecture you will learn how to heal challenging Venus aspects in order to live it fully on physical level, achieve joy in relationship or to attract what you wish easy. We live in a world of duality, but the Truth is in the Middle Way.

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This universal law is captured through the Lunar Nodes in Astrology. Join this special presentation to understand how your chart reflects the path of your destiny. When you find your Middle Way, life works for you. We will be looking at relationship horaries from a variety of sources and over the centuries to see how and if we can bring Cupid into play.

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Of course, not all relationship horaries are to do with matters of the heart, some can be business relationships or partnerships. Hopefully with Jupiter in Libra, everything will work out in the end!

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We all have a Shadow, or dark side. This dark side gives us the perspective to see the opposite within and also the ability to see the light. Once we start working with our Shadow we can grow and return to the light bringing ourselves back into balance, especially within relationship. Laura will share her experiences about the shadow and show astrological charts where the shadow effect is extremely strong.

She will also address how to find those shadow areas within our own charts and the probable age that the problem started. One of the most significant methods for understanding how the people in a relationship influence each other, how they will get along, which difficulties they will face and what the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship are is to compare the planetary alignments of two separate charts. In this presentation, Oner Doser will give practical information on comparing the planets of two charts.

How can these two extremes relate to the same area of the chart? What are the asteroids and how does Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas play out in the chart? Through this workshop we are exploring the different aspects of the hidden feminine. This is a perfect opportunity to understand women better, both for women and men. Profections are a simple technique to enable you to easily work out the timings of events from just the natal chart. No difficult calculations, simple, easy and perfect! This workshop is suitable for all disciplines and levels of astrology. If there is time, we will also look at combining this method with Solar Returns to predict life events to within a couple of days of accuracy.

Previous incarnation is life that is happening now as well.

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Almost everything we see is just the past. Our goal is to understand the previous life and the messages that we receive in this life, so that we can integrate previous and present incarnations.

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Mj lectures internationally and is a specialist in finding unknown birth times. You can reach Tamira at her website silverdisc. We are always looking for associate members and we have a strong structure in place to support those members in achieving professional status.

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Supporting members are folks who love Astrology and want to learn about its intricacies in a fun and supportive environment. There is no educational or upgrading requirement, just a love of the great art and science of Astrology! We hold monthly meetings and occasional potlucks so think of us as the equivalent to an Astrology Meet Up group! Annapolis Valley, NS Deborah Clahane, BA, h as been exploring astrology since researching it for a journalism course several decades ago.