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Trust is important, so the discovery that somebody has been less than honest is always upsetting. However, this is a prompt to consider whether their view of such matters differs from yours. Yet again, somebody has altered longstanding plans, and at the last minute. Worse, their attitude is aggressive, as if everyone else should have known this would happen. And discussions? Steer clear of these entirely. Once you begin talking, both your mood and your feelings about the here and now, and the future will be transformed. Distract yourself with other pressing tasks.

That will work, at least for now. Having worked long and hard to get the facts and organise plans, now that everything is in order, you have a well-earned sense of accomplishment. Consequently, you ignore them which, in turn, means they describe you as stubborn. Forget about it. Recent complex events forced you to either hand decisions over to others or, alternatively, pretend these were being make jointly while backing off and saying nothing.


Be patient. Unsettling as these may be at the time, these matters have long needed to be dealt with. This will do the trick. For you, as a Virgo and an earth sign, facts are exactly that, facts. Yet recently, in several situations, unspoken but pivotal issues roused genuine concerns. And what about those decisions?

They can wait.

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That could be the case with certain individuals you see frequently. For now, simply explore. Any changes can wait. But, also, regard even simple plans as more of an experiment than anything lasting.

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That will make life a lot easier. Only recently, somebody discussed an issue that, clearly, was private. Be tough. The emphasis in your birthday chart is about breakthroughs. While some plans or ideas have been on your mind for ages, others are recent. Once you do, the rest will be easy. Not only does keeping your thoughts to yourself seem like a compromise, you feel strongly that certain issues really do need to be discussed.

That should be your first priority. While some will be no surprise, other events will be as sudden as they are confusing. In every case this is about undertaking timely, if not long overdue, changes. Knowing that, go with the flow. With your ruler Mercury retrograde, and triggering a cycle of confusion, frequent twists and turns are inevitable.

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However, this also accents how you organise your life, work or various obligations. As much as you hate to disappoint others, recent events have been as unsettling as they were surprising. Now, certain individuals are at a loss what to do. Talk things over. The fact is, they need reassurance as much as they need new plans. Promising if not exciting as recent ideas were, discuss both existing arrangements and potential issues in detail.

However, your instincts are telling you that soon these will be important, if not pivotal. Those feelings are right. The more you explore, the clearer it will be what you need to focus on. The longer you wait, the more complicated it will be. However, with Mercury retrograde, and positioned in Scorpio, even the simplest of explanations could be misunderstood. However, each is offering you an opportunity to review certain arrangements that, while longstanding, are increasingly troublesome. Delve into these in detail. Instead, delve into them. What you learn will be important now, but will be crucial as this year ends and you begin a powerful new cycle.

The period when the communication planet Mercury is retrograde is best known for the increase in errors and unexpected changes. While unsettling, you could soon recognise how timely these are. The New Moon, on the 26th, and its accompanying breakthroughs, may seem a long time from now. However, judging by the current unsettling events, and the need to review your priorities, may not take that long to deal with. Long ago, you learnt to be wary of gifts that come from out of the blue. Take that first step, then the next one.

However, not everybody feels the same.

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And the sooner, the better. Equally, the odds are good certain individuals will have created confusion in existing arrangements and future plans. The last thing you want to do is review recent decisions regarding tense matters. And, in the meantime, you can do a little research.

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When you first organised plans, certain individuals were so enthusiastic that you left most of the details to them. Gently but firmly take over. Discuss this with others. That, alone, will give you courage. Ordinarily, committing to making changes without having any idea the form they will take would be seriously unwise. For now, explore every option. Decisions can and should wait until things are more settled and you know more.

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Messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of structure, echoing that sentiment exactly: Reach out to those who support you, and give them a sincere thank you. Sharjah: year-old with 40 cats wants adopters. Commitments made under these skies will take every potential high and low into consideration. Any break-off, if it occurred, was to free you, not punish you. New Year: Time to be a better person The effects of this pruning might be seen even a decade from now. Online dating is promising during this cycle, too, since the eleventh house is also your tech center.

That may sound worrying, but each issue will yield insights as powerful as they are unexpected. However, you can make a point of noting, and investigating intriguing encounters and new ideas. Some could be life-changing. By no means are you a control freak. On the other hand, when you make a plan, your intention is to keep it. However, with Mercury retrograde until the 20th, and accenting such matters, changes are inevitable. What seemed a simple way of sidestepping a tricky issue has turned into a problem itself. Your intention was to avoid the discussion of upsetting but also unchanging dramas.

Discuss your feelings frankly. While you may be tempted to proceed without them, this really is about teamwork. But, also, with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, your options are also changing and, in fact, becoming more exciting. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Tuesday, December 3, All Sections.

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The ugly truth about not being pretty. Hone up your talents and let the world know your creative ability these days. In April , Pisces folks have Mercury and Uranus favorably disposed for them. This brings up new ideas into your fold. Do not hide your inner energy levels nor your talents. Come out to the open. Use your knowledge and wisdom to win over people.