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Vedic astrology reports from Ernst Wilhelm

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DTA003-Pt 01: Western & Vedic Astrology Essentially the Same, wErnst Wilhelm

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About Ernst Wilhelm. Ernst Wilhelm I have always had an avid interest and wonder in astrology even at the age of twelve. At sixteen, while browsing a bookstore. Vedic Astrology with Ernst Wilhelm. The Scientific and Mathematically Precise Astrologies of Parashara and Jaimini. Please download my Free eBook, Energies.

For it was not more than a year later that I was in dire need for answers to a crumbling life. In desperation I called my mother and had her dig up and ship those astrology texts and ephemeris to me.

My Mountain Astrologer review of Käla 2013

Two weeks of hard study, including a couple of trips to the bookstore, and life was making prefect sense through the astrological looking glass and at that point I began to devote all my time to studying the powerful science of astrology. Since then my studies have been varied. I started out studying Western astrology and in a short while felt very confident and began reading horoscopes — until one day I was asked specific questions by a client that I could just not answer. This sent me into a new frenzy of study that only served to cause me physical nausea every time I looked at a horoscope.

This is not to be derogatory to the Western tradition of astrology which I believe has much to offer.

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After three years of study with the hope of becoming an astrologer, now I could not even look at charts without becoming ill — so what to do? I could not think of anything and so I checked into an ashram with the idea of staying there for eight months. His goal was to become a renunciate and so he was giving up all his texts. He had lived India for several years and studied astrology while there. He only examined my horoscope a few times, but all the things he said came unerringly true, even things that I had thought could never happen.